Thursday, September 27, 2012

Running - Raining - Waving - Packing

Running - 3 miles yesterday at a quick pace going between 0.0-1.0 incline. I felt good and pushed pretty hard to run it faster than normal since it was a short run. Walked 1/4 mile after to cool down.

Just before my run in PT.

Raining - We've been praying for it like our lives depended on it and we finaly got rain. TONS of it last night and this morning. Hooray for Texas and a break in the effing drought of all droughts!

Packing - Mister's lunch this morning:

Chicken Salad, Oriental Salad, Pineapple Chobani w/ Granola
 Waving - We are going to be waving goodbye to my brother on Saturday.  He is going to be moving to Austin to start a new job there that he is very excited about.  He is going to be a personal trainer for a big gym down there and is super pumped about the whole thing. He is not only excited about his new job (which he will kick major ass at) but also about moving and trying something new in a big city.

So tonight we are having a cookout just the family and Darc to give him a proper send off. Its going to be a blast and I may tie one on with him!

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