Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Weigh In, A Run, and Sore Boobs

Sorry I forgot to weigh in yesterday but I remember this morning. So here are my stats:
Current Weight: 168.8
Start Weight: 194
Goal Weight: 150
Height: 5'7"
Week's Loss: .8

So there was a loss! Nothing crazy significant, but I'll take this small victory and run with it.

Yesterday's Run
Yesterday I went for a run.  I was hoping for at least 4 miles but after mile 1 I knew I wasn't feelin it so instead of getting in 4 miles I decided to just run a really hard 3 and call it a day.  I kept uping my elevation and pace every 1/2 mile for 2 miles.
The last half mile was pretty rough but it felt great to have done it once it was over. I had to go ahead and walk about a quarter mile to cool down because I got my heart rate up so damn high but it was nice to do some leasurely strolling to round out the run. The run burned about 400 calories. Score!
Today, though, I am hoping for a 5 miler or more if I am feeling good and running strong.

After the run last night I got home and the Mister had grilled us up some hamburgers and they were SO effin good! I made some oriental salad to go with them because I had gone DAYS without any and was starting to suffer withdrawls. It was perfection.

Unfortunately when I took a shower before bed I took my sports bra off not thinking anything of it and cussed like a sailor cause my boobs were so damn sore!! I am guessing that I just don't have high caliber enough sports bras for running any more than 4 miles or something. I mean they were tender to the slightest touch. So in the comments if you know of any amazing sports bras, tips, tricks or secrets to avoiding sore tits PLEASE share!!

Here is a random picture of lunch from yesterday and Tuesday at Gma's house. Late, yes, but they were too pretty and delicious not to share. Healthy too.

Yesterday: Salami wrap w/ cottage cheese, chipotle mayo, and baby spinach. (Done judge it is ass kickin good) Mango, Yellow watermelon, and Israely Melon.

Tuesday: 1/2 Pimento Cheese Sandwich thin (Gma's homemade P.C.), 1/2 Peach, Yellow watermelon, Grapes.

Projected Workout for Today:
  1. Run 5 Miles - Keep pace up 15 seconds from last week
  2. 10 minutes Ab Burner 

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