Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Whether You Like it or Not!

Yesterday's Workout

     2 Miles - Very Easy Pace

Today's Projected Workout

     2 Miles - Moderate Pace
     Armstastic Stength Training - Do Twice
    1. Triceps Dips - 10
    2. Lying Tricep Lifts - 10
    3. Dumbbell Curl - 10
    4. Dumbbell Pullovers - 10
    5. Overhead Press - 10
    6. Reverse Plank - 1:00
So I have been super sick over the last 4 days! Let's just say that me and the restroom were getting pretty tight there at the end. Ha! Punny.
Moving on.......
So yesterday I had time to get in two miles after work before small group. And thought that would be a perfect post stomache bug distance to get back into my groove. It was a great run! Low temps, smelled like rain, great tunes streamin in from Pandora's Pop Fitness station. Money.
After every run the frist thing I have to use is the restroom. So, that is where I took some fun sweaty selfies for your viewing pleasure!

So my first run after 4 days of Dehli Belly wasn't too bad. I was a little weak and slow goin' but I made it without incident! I also learned that God Loves You Whether You Like it or Not.
Thanks church restroom mirror for sharing your wisdom.

When I read this in my head Mr. T's voice was what I heard saying it. Whether you like it or not FOOL!

When I got home after group my fantabulous Mister made us a huge pot of spicy chili to round out the day.

So stinkin' good!
Anyway.......... today I am looking forward to another run in sub 90s temperatures! Also, so you know I actually dress like a respectable card carrying member of society sometimes, here's a work shot.

OOOOoooooo Fancy!

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