Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Yesterday's Projected Workout

TMT Cardio/Abs

Yesterday's Actual Workout

Yard maintenance while fending off my three lovey dogs. (Believe me it was a workout!)

Today's Workout

Run 3 miles easy pace - Tredmill
(If I'm feeling good though and am good on time I might go for more. Just have to feel it out.)

Well, this morning the Mister and I were enjoying the spooning a hair too much because we got up WAY later that we normaly do to get ready for work.  Well I guess I am the only one who gets ready for work.  He starts our vehicles, makes a cup of coffee, dresses and leaves. I on the other hand take a lot more work to look even remotely presentable to the public.

This morning though I didn't even have time to wash my hair let alone have any coffee. So I did what any working girl with skank nasty hair would do in a time crunch. Sockbun!!

BAM! Buntastic.

Impressive. I know. Looks like I'm smuggling in a bagel under that mess. Anyway.....

Lunch for yesterday was delicious, relatively healthy, and super southern.  If you were thinking fried chicken... please .... if you are considering that relatively healthy, you are kidding yourself! No I was talkin about GREENS!

Bowl of green with a side of grilled cheeseiness.
 It was heavenly. So heavenly that here is a picture of the greens all by their beautiful and delectible selves.


Raise your hands if you like you some greens!!!

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