Thursday, January 17, 2013

No Excessive Amount of Begging or Pleading Will Save You

Yesterday's Run

2.05 Miles Quick Pace - Tredmill

Today's Run

Just scheduled for 2 again on the training plan but might go further if I hear distance calling...

This is what me preping for a run looks like.

1.) Hold inhaler between thumb and forefinger. 2.) Insert into mouth. 3.) Suck in the sweet nectar of the asthmatic life.
Now you are ready to beat this run into submission!

Had a Gosh Damn IT! moment yesterday during my run. I think I am getting close to chucking out my shoes as a bad fit and moving on to something else. This ticks me off. Majorly.

I have never bought a pair of running shoes that cost me $100 before. EVER. I am way to poor to be doing crap like that. I have been running, up until Christmas, in a 3 year old pair of New Balance shoes that I purchased at Ross for like $40.  Agast as you may be right now, they worked fantastically! I was never sore, my form felt pretty good, and I never felt focused on how weird my feet felt when I ran.

Well now that is definitely NOT the case. I waited 6 frickin months to get a fancy high dollar pair of bad ass running shoes and now all I want to do is switch back to my old NBs and throw these into a deep dark abyss where I never have to look at them again. Damn it. I keep having pain on the inside of my right ankle, tweaking in my knees, and a weird feeling in my toes every time I my foot falls.  All of which have never been a problem until now.

I have decided, because I just can't justify not using a pair of shoes that I waiting so long and paid so much for, that I will give them 10 more miles before they become a really nice pair of walking shoes.

"Please NO!! We'll do better!"

I don't blame Mizuno at all. I just, unfortunately, got a bad fit for my running style/form/whatever. Maybe the running gods will smile down upon me and my shoes will magically start working for me in the next 10miles. Otherwise it's sayonara jerkfaces and no excessive amount of begging or pleading will save you from your one way ticket to garbage town.

How long does it usually take you to feel "right" in a new pair of running shoes?? I need insights!

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