Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wow...What a hiatus.

So......a 3 month hiatus... yah that happened.
Why you might ask?
I will tell you why..

On October 8th my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes after his blood sugar spiked to over 740.  He was Medi Flighted from his mom's in Oklahoma to OU Med in OKC.
She called Hubs and I, he was at work and I was at home, and we were out of town in under 40 minutes.  This is impressive since we were 30 minutes apart.  Complete panic for your child can make you move incredibly fast.
The drive from our house to OKC was the longest drive I think I will ever make in my life.
When we got there he was talking out of his head due to his exponentially high blood sugar.  They had to bring it down very slowly so it took a full day before he was coherent.
He was in the hospital for 5 days.
And let me tell you, I have never seen a kid be more brave. Bud was poked, proded, given shots and woke up every 2-4 hours for days and hardly complained at all.
He now knows just about everything there is to know about his diabetes and isn't one bit ashamed of being different.
The second weekend he was at our house I asked him if he thought he would like to give himself a shot. I told him "if you aren't ready that's ok, but I really think you can do this." He thought for maybe 30 seconds and said "Ok, I'll do it."
So, three weeks out of the hospital and he is giving himself insulin shots.....with me hovering over his shoulder :)
Now he gives himself nearly all of his shots (at least 4 each day) and hardly ever complaining about any of it.
I don't know if you would have guessed from all of that but he is only 7 years old. Like I said, never seen a kid be more brave. He's my inspiration no doubt.
I would also like to give a huge shout out to the staff or nurses, doctors, diabetes educators and endocrinologists at OU Med Children's Hospital.  We could not have been more blessed.  We left that hospital knowing everything there was to know about Bud's Diabetes and were completely confident that there would be no surprises because we had be thoroughly educated on everything we needed to know to keep him safe and healthy. THANK YOU!!

So, that ladies, is why I have been out of pocket for a while.  I needed to switch my focus for a while.

If any of you have a child with Type 1 Diabetes and have any questions, need advice, have advice to give, or would just like to share your story please add a comment, message me, or email me.\

I will be posting again this morning to tell you guys about a HUGE race that I will be doing for the first time!! Check back later this morning for the deets!

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