Monday, January 14, 2013

Brought to You by the Letter T ...

Anyone who has kids or ever was one should get the title reference of today's post.  So without further ado here is what is happening in life as brought to you by the letter T.

In a word... Sucking.... I did not keep to my half marathon training plan at all last week. No long run period and only two of the shorter runs. So now I have to accept the fact that regardless of the any excuses I make I am basically a week behind.

Silverlining, It has made me super motivated to really hit it hard from now on to make sure that I don't hate every second of my first Half.  So my projected 4 miles for today will happen with no excuses!

Taking Inventory
Due to the lame-o week I had last week I had to really take inventory of my dedication to this Half. I had to decide if I was going to make it a priority or keep making lame excuses not to have to run every other day.

I. Am. Dedicated. I have decided that even if I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to run before work, I will.  If I have to be a lamesauce wife a couple days a week and make the Mister fend for himself for dinner, I will. And if I have to hate every-single-minute of a run from time to time and complete it anyway, I will.
I want to do this and I want to do it right. So now it is up to me to make it happen.

Task Oriented 
To get this dedication to stick, I have decided to be more task oriented.  I will just look at the training one day at a time. I think the whole, fixating-on-actually-having-to-run-13-miles-in-one-go thing is really screwing with me (in a makes me want to wet myself kind of way).  

So no more looking ahead.  I will just dominate one run at a time until the day is here and then own that Half on race day.

I can tell that I am going to start having some major boob issues the longer the runs get.  I could definitely use some advice from any seasoned runners who have figured out how to tame their business in the front. So if you have found the Bra to End all Bra Shopping please let me know. The ladies would really appreciate some extra support!

Tah Tah!

Any suggestions on taming the Ta Ta's ??

Did you follow a strict training plan for your first half or just wing it?

Anyone else in love with Belvita Bars??!!

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