Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Run, Puppies, and Sleeping Problems

Yesterday's Workout:
    2 Miles - Fast Pace - 94 Degrees

Today's Projected Workout
       a.) Abs and Arms - To give my legs a rest from 4 days of consecutive running
       b.) 2 Miles - Moderate Pace - Projected 90 degrees (Yay!)

So, obviously the heat is not going to let up and give me a stinkin' break. By the time I got done with only 2 miles yesterday I was a big ball of sweaty mess. Hopefully today won't be so bad since its saying it will only be around 90 during lunch when I will attempt my run. Of course, if it is just too miserable out, I will just make it an Abs and Arms day and do my workout after C-Man's show tonight.

BytheDoubleU, C-man has been going to theatre camp all week and their show is tonight! Color me Stoked!! They are putting on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He is a bunny. And let me tell you he was not too excited about he bunny at first.  He really had his heart set on Grumpy.  But he has warmed up to the part and is really excited for the show tonight. (The kid loves an audience.)
 Pictures to come tomorrow.

On another, equally adorable note, our old neighboors who own a beer store on the way to house in the boonies, had a new litter of Basset Hounds! They are the cutest things EVER!!

My hound Mona is from one of their litters from a couple Christmas' ago. She is beautiful! So I will be frequenting the establishment to grab a bottle of wine play with all the puppies on my way home.

I. Could. Die.
     My sweet Mona. She's so sweet.

Since I have been having trouble sleeping lately I thought, "Self, you should taking awkward photos of yourself laying in bed not sleeping." So here is a bored-and-loopy pic for you during my struggles to pass out last night.

Do you have a dog? 

If so what kind?

Do you rescue, buy, or both?

We have dogs and cats. 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 kitten (All outdoor animals. We live in the country.)
We have a Zoe - English Springer Spaniel (Bought for Mister), Mona - Basset Hound (Bought for Me), Buster - Mut (Rescued for C-Man), Tipper - Grey Striped Male Cat (Gift to C-Man from his aunt Darc), Pez - White/Grey Female kitten (Gift to C-Man from the Mister's BFF).

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

109 Degree Run - Note to Self ... Stupid Idea

Well I, in all my infinite wisdom, decided that the heat wasn't going to keep me from my run yesterday. It was 109 degrees here and I thought to myself, "Self, don't worry, it's gonna be worth it." After 25 minutes I had already changed my tune to, "Self, I think this was a monumentally stupid idea. Go find air conditioning."

So for the run breakdown:
1/2 Mile Run - Moderate Pace
1/2 Mile Walk
1/2 Mile Run - I hate my life
1/2 Mile Walk - Must....Get....Out....of....Heat.
20 Lunges and 20 Butt Kicks to the car for good measure. "Self you suck."

In case you are feeling a bit sceptical about all this here is what my car read when I pulled up at the track.

One Hundred and Freaking Nine!! WHAT?!

Me after my run and a post run pee :) Lookin' a little loopy...

Today it is only going to be 92 during my run so I am feeling a lot better about things.
I have decided to run during my lunch break instead of after work because it just gets too dang hot to mess with after 3:00pm.

Projected Workout:
  1. 1 Mile Run to Gma's for a light lunch.
  2. 1 Mile Run back to the office.
And just because food pictures are the tits (especially when they are of summer fruit) here ya go:

Breakfast watermelon. It was mouthgasmic!

What is your favorite summer fruit or vegetable.

Cantaloupe for me! I could eat it all day everyday.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Time Fitness and the Buddy System

Yesterday's Workout: 4:30pm
  • 4 Sets of Bleacher - Fast Run
  • 1/2 Mile Run
  • 1/2 Mile Walk - Cool Down
Today's Workout:
  1. 10:00am Buddy System - 84 Degrees
    • 30 Minute Run (2-3 Miles)
    • 15 Minute Walk - Cool Down
  2. 5:00pm Lone Ranger System - 104 Degrees
    • 4 Set of Bleachers
    • 1/2 Mile Run
    • 1/2 Mile Walk - Cool Down
Summertime fitness in Texas is brutal. The heat just slaps you in the face. Just glad I don't live in Houston.

These are the bleachers for this week. (7 sets of steps x 4 reps)

And these bad boys are the bleachers for next week. I feel exhausted just looking at this.
(7 sets of steps x God Help Me)

The Buddy System vs. Lone Ranger System

Buddy System: Group of 2 or more friends who run/workout together on a weekly basis so that they feel accountable to others as well as themselves to get and stay in shape.
Synonyms for Buddy System: Pleasant, Entertaining, Flies by

Lone Ranger System: Group of 1 aka exercising solo in the miserable heat with nothing to break up the menotony. Also known as the mental abyss. Alone to grapple with your own thoughts and having to push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. Because, like I said, you're alone. Alone.
Synonyms for Lone Ranger System: Sometimes Tedious, Character Building, Mental Battlefield

There are pros and cons to both systems.
The Buddy system is great because there is a sense of competativeness that helps to push you to go faster and longer and be better. You get to break up the menotony with a little bit of conversation even if it's "" And you have someone to hold you accountable for your exercise time. Someone to make sure that you workout when you say you are going to workout. The only bad thing about the buddy system is that two people's schedules don't always match up.  So you have to be resolved to go do your workouts even if someone cancels on you.
The Lone Ranger system is great because it definitely builds character and fortitude. If you're going it solo you learn to push yourself and are held accountable for the promises that you make Yourself. Even if you are participating in the Buddy System you should go it Lone Ranger style every once in a while so that you don't become dependant on someone else to get in a run or a workout. It's easy to workout when others are there to push you and build you up but its really something to take pride in when you push yourself to be the best version of you that you can be and know that you are responsible for all the changes that you have made to your health, your appearance and your life. The only bad thing about the Lone Ranger system is that it sucks as much as it rocks.

So ladies and gents, what's your system? You going it solo or bringing your buddies?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Heck-of-uh Hiatus

Been gone for quite a while now!
First of all sorry and second of all ready to get back to it!

We have been going through a lot of personal family issues lately and I had to give it my full attention.  We are not clear yet but getting out of the woods hopefully. So, I think that now I will have the proper amount of time to devote back to writing on the three F's.

Today I have to give a shout out to my kiddo! The C-man turned 8 today! So happy birthday buddy!
He wanted to have his birthday party at the baseball park and have a family ball game.  I was actually a little sceptical at first.  I didn't know if everyone would play or not, but it was fantastic!! All the kids had a ton of fun and the adults, especially the dads, were really good sports and made all the kids feel like pros. Best birthday party so far. Funtastic.

The back line, the "Diamondbacks", were against the front line, the "Rangers."  That's right. We played kids against adults. So needless to say......the kids won.

Now for a little run down of my new workout routine for summer:

Monday: Bleacher Circuits, 1 Mile Easy Run, Mile Walk Cool Down (C-man gets in on parts with me)
Tuesday: Bleacher Circuits, Alternate 1/2 Mile Run 1/2 Mile Walk for 2 Miles Moderate Speed
Wednesday: 3 Mile Run, 30 Minutes Basketball with C-man and the Mister
Thursday: Bleacher Circuits, 2 Mile Walk
Saturday: 2 Mile walk to the Creek, 1 Hour Baseball with C-man and the Mister
Sunday: 1 hour Baseball or Basketball with C-man and the Mister

Today's POA:

1. Bleacher Circuits (3)
2. Alternating Walking/Running at 1/2 Mile Intervals for 2 Miles
(P.S. Temperature around here are averaging between 90 and 105)

I am a heavy sweater anyway but let me tell ya, nobody but NOBODY wants to be standing down wind from me after working out in this heat lately. I smell offensive. Like an aromatic slap to the face.

In apology for my absence I have decided to give you this humiliating picture of myself on "Make Your Own Hat Day" at work last month. Enjoy.

Geez. I am a sexy beast.

Comment below if:
1. You also suffer from above average B.O. post workout.
2. If you love the Texas Rangers!
3. If you're diggin' the hat.