Monday, July 1, 2013

Lover of Running, Plays, Babies and Pets

Last weeks Recap:

Monday - Bleachers & Walk/Run
Tuesday - Bleachers & Walk/Run
Wednesday - 2 Miles Moderate Pace
Thursday - 2 Miles Fast Pace
Friday - Rest Day
Saturday - 2 Miles Moderate Pace
Sunday - Rest Day

So pretty light workouts last week due to the heat and the fact that I am trying to work back up to my longer runs. Even though it was killer hot out last week I still managed to really enjoy all of my workouts. That may have been the heat exhaustion talking but I'll take what I can get.

Today's Projected Workout:
   1. 2 Miles Moderate Pace
   2. 2 Sets - 10 Lunges & 10 Jump Squats & 10 Jumping Jacks

On to funner things. Yes funner.
It was such a great weekend! Calynn's play to wrap up theatre camp was on Friday evening his Aunt Tara and Uncle Brian came down for the weekend so they could see it.  He was a Forest Bunny and let me tell ya, he was a damn good one!!

He had 3 lines and did them perfectly! His last one made everyone laugh and made him feel great. Here are some pics of the cast!

Full Cast

Forest Animals

Pop (my Dad) and Gracie. My friends baby girl.

Who doesn't love a cuts baby?? Seriously I could eat her cheeks for breakfast she so freakin' cute!!
Please Lord bless us with a baby soon!!
But until then we've got pets. Lots. Of. Pets.

This weekend we found out that the guy who sold us Mona had a new litter of Basset puppies that were ready to sell. My sister-in-law couldn't resist the mind blowing cuteness and ended up bringing this little guy home.

Tara and Clark. A match made in heaven.

 How could you not love this sweet little comatose thing?!
Mona is from the first litter of puppies the breeder had for his bassets. She is so sweet but kind of an attention whore. She can't stand it if she doesn't get the first pet when you walk in the fence. Luckily the other two are very patient.

Belly rubs are the tits!

Tried to take a pic together. Fail. Note to self "Self, don't try to take pics with your dog when there are much more interesting things, like junebugs, buzzing around."

Is there anything cuter than a puppy?
What is your workout for the day?
Were you ever in a school play? Was it fun or traumatizing?

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