Thursday, July 25, 2013

What You're Worth

Today's Workout:

2 Mile Run - Moderate Pace
1 Mile Walk
Lower Body

Here is my lower body breakdown for today:

Now for a quick Soap Box Edition of FFFblog.

Yesterday at small group we ended up talking a lot about Worth.
Not like what you house, or car, or huge rock are worth, but what you as a person are worth.

EVERYONE has worth ... and lots of it!
What you have, how you look, and where you're from do not designate your worth.  Those things don't make you any more worthy of love, or respect, or consideration. It is just fluff.

You are worth something because you were created from love.
You are loveable. You have worth. Period.

Where we start to lose sight of our worth is when we look to others to find it.
No one else can make you see your own worth. You have to find and feel that on your own.

So, I asked the group to go home that night and write down all the things that make them feel worthy.
Starting with the most basic thing. I am here so I have worth. Then add to it through the week when more and more comes to mind (and it will). I told them that I would do it as well and we could share them at the next group meeting.

I've decided that, in honor of full disclosure, I should share some of my list with you all.
  1. I am here. I was made from love and that makes me loveable. 
  2. I am easy with a smile.
  3. I am forgiving.
  4. I love unconditionally and with gusto.
  5. I laugh hard, and loud, and sometimes at wierd/inappropriate times.
  6. I have faults and lots of them.
  7. I can admit when I'm wrong and apologize for it.
  8. I'd never leave someone hangin' on a high five.
  9. I cry EVERY time I hear the national anthem. Just do.
  10. I don't let the bad things that happen to me in life steal my tenderness.
  11. Hugs are my second language.
  12. I watch SpongeBob, Gravity Falls, Rugrats, and TONS of other cartoons by choice. Not just because my kid wants to watch them.
  13. I am kind.
  14. I am a sucker for puppies.
  15. I always share my candy and snowcones.
  16. I can murder a canatloupe.
  17. I can't watch talent related reality shows. I get too nervous for the performers.
  18. I love my C-Man unconditionally. It doesn't matter that I didn't make him.
  19. I try to remember that I don't know what someone else's story is and owe them my love and kindness regardless of how they seem to be. That may not be how they are.
  20. I always try to find a silver lining.
  21. I know I have worth and I love myself. Flaws and all.
There you have it. My worth in a nutshell.
Know that you have just as much worth as everyone else and that you are the only one who can make yourself feel that worth.
I don't care who you are I love ya and you have worth. Anyone who doesn't think so will just have to go suck an egg.

You have to be with yourself for the rest of your life.  So you might as well like yourself.

So I will leave you with these two things:

Sweet..and so very true.

How I met your mother. Barney. Brilliant.
True Story....

If you feel like it. Share some things that make you awesome below!

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