Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Lunches

   2 Mile Run - Slow as Molasses
   1/2 Mile Walk
   Lower Body

Bam! Post run crazy hair super pumped face.

  3 Miles - Walk/Run 1/2 Mile Increments

So, since we live in the Boonies and since 78% of our extended family lives in the same town, we have noon lunches at my Gma's house at least 4 days a week.
Gma is rockin awesome and always has a mountain of fresh fruit out on the table and her panini press chillin' on the cooktop.

Bring on the fruit belly, cause there is no chance I am stopping at "enough".

The Gma's lunch bunch (minus my parents :( ). They're funtastic.

Fun story....
A week or so ago, after one of my runs, I ran into Gma's for some water and a visit while I waited on VBS to start across the street.
She opened the fridge to get the Brita pitcher and then she looked at something else in the fridge. Then back at me. Then back at the mysterious something in the fridge. She had this odd contemplative look on her face.
Then, as if coming to come conclusion, she asked if I would like some cantaloupe.
That's when I realized she was thinking about whether or not she wanted to offer me the cantaloupe she had pre-cut for lunch the next day.
Since Gma knows of my affinity for the delicious golden fruit, she was worried I would devour the whole thing and she would have no table fruit for everyone else at lunch.
At realizing this I laughed and promised to leave some for everyone else.

I'm not gonna leave my Gma shamed by her inadequate fruit spread in front of the whole family! How embarrassing would that be?!

Long story short... I love cantaloupe and my Gma.... In that order. (J/K Gma. You's tha bomb.)

And moving more food.

When I got home all the Mister could talk about was how "We HAVE to have Tasty Rice for supper." So I made us some Cilantro Lime Vinegarette (with salad to go under it) and some Tasty Rice. It was fantastic.

Here are the recipes for the vinegarette and Tasty Rice.

Cilantro Lime Vinegarette:

1 bunch of cilantro - Minced super fine (can use food processor)
1 cup Good Seasons Italian dressing
Juice of 2 limes

Tasty Rice

1 Can Beef Consumme (we use campbells)
1 Can French Onion soup (campbells again)
2 Cups Instant Rice
1/4 stick of Margarine (the original calls for a whole stick but we only had a 1/4 of one and it tasted just as good. So might as well shave those calories.)

Pour all ingredients directly into a baking dish and stir a couple times. Cover with foil. Bake at 400 for 30 to 45 minutes. Easy Peasy.

Enjoy the foodery. Its mouthgasmic.

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