Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Push Past Workout Frustration


     Rest Day

Today's Projected Workout:
  1. 2 Mile Run - Moderate Pace
  2. Arms

Lordy I am getting frustrated with the slowness of my return to running. I expected to be able to immediately run 5 miles at my regular pace. Easy Peasy. It's not like a 3 month hiatus from running ever effected anyone's stamina right?!
I was apparently suffering from a hopeful delusion. I have been struggling to get through any more than 2 Miles at a time at my regular pace.
So frustrating!

I feel like I have had to start from scratch.
But I realized the other day, during my patheticly short run, that running a ton of miles isn't the most important thing in the world. (or so I am telling myself)
Here is what I have to remember:
I am still lapping everyone on the couch.
I am still being healthy.
I am still 20 lbs lighter than I was before.
I will get back up to high mileages.
I will keep getting faster.
I will keep getting stronger.
I will keep losing pounds and inches.
I just have to stick with it.

So I have resolved to keep fighting the good fight and work my way back up to 5 or 6 mile runs and quit feeling like a failure that I am unable to start where I stopped. If you are in the same boat with your running, DON'T GIVE UP! You'll get there when you get there!

Now for a photo dump of our 4th of July Festivities!! Lawnchairs, Horseshoes, Ladder Golf, Parade, a Cute Baby, and Effeminite Posing.

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