Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Run, Puppies, and Sleeping Problems

Yesterday's Workout:
    2 Miles - Fast Pace - 94 Degrees

Today's Projected Workout
       a.) Abs and Arms - To give my legs a rest from 4 days of consecutive running
       b.) 2 Miles - Moderate Pace - Projected 90 degrees (Yay!)

So, obviously the heat is not going to let up and give me a stinkin' break. By the time I got done with only 2 miles yesterday I was a big ball of sweaty mess. Hopefully today won't be so bad since its saying it will only be around 90 during lunch when I will attempt my run. Of course, if it is just too miserable out, I will just make it an Abs and Arms day and do my workout after C-Man's show tonight.

BytheDoubleU, C-man has been going to theatre camp all week and their show is tonight! Color me Stoked!! They are putting on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He is a bunny. And let me tell you he was not too excited about he bunny at first.  He really had his heart set on Grumpy.  But he has warmed up to the part and is really excited for the show tonight. (The kid loves an audience.)
 Pictures to come tomorrow.

On another, equally adorable note, our old neighboors who own a beer store on the way to house in the boonies, had a new litter of Basset Hounds! They are the cutest things EVER!!

My hound Mona is from one of their litters from a couple Christmas' ago. She is beautiful! So I will be frequenting the establishment to grab a bottle of wine play with all the puppies on my way home.

I. Could. Die.
     My sweet Mona. She's so sweet.

Since I have been having trouble sleeping lately I thought, "Self, you should taking awkward photos of yourself laying in bed not sleeping." So here is a bored-and-loopy pic for you during my struggles to pass out last night.

Do you have a dog? 

If so what kind?

Do you rescue, buy, or both?

We have dogs and cats. 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 kitten (All outdoor animals. We live in the country.)
We have a Zoe - English Springer Spaniel (Bought for Mister), Mona - Basset Hound (Bought for Me), Buster - Mut (Rescued for C-Man), Tipper - Grey Striped Male Cat (Gift to C-Man from his aunt Darc), Pez - White/Grey Female kitten (Gift to C-Man from the Mister's BFF).

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