Wednesday, June 26, 2013

109 Degree Run - Note to Self ... Stupid Idea

Well I, in all my infinite wisdom, decided that the heat wasn't going to keep me from my run yesterday. It was 109 degrees here and I thought to myself, "Self, don't worry, it's gonna be worth it." After 25 minutes I had already changed my tune to, "Self, I think this was a monumentally stupid idea. Go find air conditioning."

So for the run breakdown:
1/2 Mile Run - Moderate Pace
1/2 Mile Walk
1/2 Mile Run - I hate my life
1/2 Mile Walk - Must....Get....Out....of....Heat.
20 Lunges and 20 Butt Kicks to the car for good measure. "Self you suck."

In case you are feeling a bit sceptical about all this here is what my car read when I pulled up at the track.

One Hundred and Freaking Nine!! WHAT?!

Me after my run and a post run pee :) Lookin' a little loopy...

Today it is only going to be 92 during my run so I am feeling a lot better about things.
I have decided to run during my lunch break instead of after work because it just gets too dang hot to mess with after 3:00pm.

Projected Workout:
  1. 1 Mile Run to Gma's for a light lunch.
  2. 1 Mile Run back to the office.
And just because food pictures are the tits (especially when they are of summer fruit) here ya go:

Breakfast watermelon. It was mouthgasmic!

What is your favorite summer fruit or vegetable.

Cantaloupe for me! I could eat it all day everyday.

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