Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Time Fitness and the Buddy System

Yesterday's Workout: 4:30pm
  • 4 Sets of Bleacher - Fast Run
  • 1/2 Mile Run
  • 1/2 Mile Walk - Cool Down
Today's Workout:
  1. 10:00am Buddy System - 84 Degrees
    • 30 Minute Run (2-3 Miles)
    • 15 Minute Walk - Cool Down
  2. 5:00pm Lone Ranger System - 104 Degrees
    • 4 Set of Bleachers
    • 1/2 Mile Run
    • 1/2 Mile Walk - Cool Down
Summertime fitness in Texas is brutal. The heat just slaps you in the face. Just glad I don't live in Houston.

These are the bleachers for this week. (7 sets of steps x 4 reps)

And these bad boys are the bleachers for next week. I feel exhausted just looking at this.
(7 sets of steps x God Help Me)

The Buddy System vs. Lone Ranger System

Buddy System: Group of 2 or more friends who run/workout together on a weekly basis so that they feel accountable to others as well as themselves to get and stay in shape.
Synonyms for Buddy System: Pleasant, Entertaining, Flies by

Lone Ranger System: Group of 1 aka exercising solo in the miserable heat with nothing to break up the menotony. Also known as the mental abyss. Alone to grapple with your own thoughts and having to push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you. Because, like I said, you're alone. Alone.
Synonyms for Lone Ranger System: Sometimes Tedious, Character Building, Mental Battlefield

There are pros and cons to both systems.
The Buddy system is great because there is a sense of competativeness that helps to push you to go faster and longer and be better. You get to break up the menotony with a little bit of conversation even if it's "This....sucks.....balls." And you have someone to hold you accountable for your exercise time. Someone to make sure that you workout when you say you are going to workout. The only bad thing about the buddy system is that two people's schedules don't always match up.  So you have to be resolved to go do your workouts even if someone cancels on you.
The Lone Ranger system is great because it definitely builds character and fortitude. If you're going it solo you learn to push yourself and are held accountable for the promises that you make Yourself. Even if you are participating in the Buddy System you should go it Lone Ranger style every once in a while so that you don't become dependant on someone else to get in a run or a workout. It's easy to workout when others are there to push you and build you up but its really something to take pride in when you push yourself to be the best version of you that you can be and know that you are responsible for all the changes that you have made to your health, your appearance and your life. The only bad thing about the Lone Ranger system is that it sucks as much as it rocks.

So ladies and gents, what's your system? You going it solo or bringing your buddies?

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