Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Running for Stir Fry

Yesterday's Run:

3.05 Miles Easy Pace

Today's Workouts:

TMT Cardio/Abs 30 Minutes

Well yesterday's run went great. FINALY! My runs have been ablsolute crap for the past two weeks. So after all my reevaluating yesterday I got on the tredmill with a crazy determination to enjoy my run, and I friggin did!

What my hair looks like after a shirt change...fugly.

Much better. Ready for tredmill domination in my sexy sweat pants.

When I finished my run it was already 6:15pm so I mad a mad dash, sweaty as all get out, to the grocery store for some stir fry essentials before I made the 30 mile trek to our house in the sticks.

I came home and received a swift slap in the face from the amount of dishes I had left myself over the last two days. So I quickly washed a metic butt ton of dirty dishes before I got dinner going. (We don't have a dishwasher, because our house was build in the dark ages, so all dishes get hand scrubbed.)

My full to the max dish drainer. Geesh.

Finaly, I was able to throw together some righteous stir fry for me and the mister. We scarfed it down in record time and it's already 8:15pm. I hate eating that late but when I have to run after work, add in the 30 minute commute home, that is just what has to happen sometimes.

Chicken Stir Fry. Fan-freakin-tastic if I do say so myself.

Me and the Mister were way to hungry for me to take the time to change out of my running biz. Oh well, who doesn't appreciate a good pair of sexy cookin' sweats??

Anyone else appreciate a sexy sweat pant?

What is your favorite stir fry combo?

Thinking about trying a pair of Brooks next ... Yay or Ney??

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