Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Weather. Good FroYo. Good Fun.

This was a Bud weekend! So, it goes without saying that it was a great weekend.
Let me just start by saying I. Was. Terrible. On the way up there with my snacking. Terrible. It all started with this little circle of heaven. The Biti Cake.

The weather on the way up was awesome. It was a little misty and dreary but the temperature was fantastic and everything was SO green from the rain we'd gotten the last couple of days.

Then I got very bored at a long light and took a quick snap of my very best facebook self-portrait face.

Nice right?! I feel like I definitely nailed it.
I took my mom's car up there because mine is like 3000 miles overdue for an oil change and I was scared it would impload if I drove it 400 miles. Two things about mom's car: 1.) Honda Pilot = SO COMFY 2.) She sets her car clock 20 minutes early.
Not realizing that her clock is so ahead I reach the school parking lot 25 minutes before school lets out and am thinking "Geez parents around here really wait until crunch time to pick their kids up from school." Then once I walk into the school and see that the clock is 20 minutes behind mine everything makes sense. So I got to sit and wait for about 15 minutes to get Bud out of class. His fantasmic teacher let him out a few minutes early since I was there already. Thanks Mrs. B!!

So...what to do after school and before a long drive....

Cherry Berry!! We love us some self serve frozen yogurt.
Buds: Birthday Cake FroYo w/chocolate chips, blackberries, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Mine: Pumpkin and Cheesecake FroYo w/CTC, strawberries, almonds, whipped cream.
 It was fantastic and I was Super Mom

We went to my parents when we got back from picking him up and ate some of my mom's delicious potato soup and played a few hands of Nertz. (We Won!)
Then Bud begged to stay the night with Shug and Pop (that's what he calls my parents) and of course we said yes. My parents hadn't seen him in a month because they were gone on his last weekend here. They played war (the card game) and had milk shakes in their pj's. That's why grandparents rule.

I ran 3 miles on Saturday. Every second of it sucked. Don't ask me why. It just did.
I was ready to quit after mile one....but then I thought "You ate a biti cake, some Taco Mayo, and drank beer yesterday. Run it off you fat ass." That got me to mile 3 pretty quick.

Projected workout for today:
  1. 4 Miles - Up the pace 15 secs per mile from last week.
  2. 10 Minute Arm Burners
  3. 10 Minute Ab Burner
I will get back on in a bit and post the Arm and Ab burners that I am going to put together for today's workout if anyone wants to join in the fun!

Do you find it hard to run on the weekends?

Do you live in the same town as your parents or siblings?

What is your favorite Frozen Yogurt mix?

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