Monday, September 10, 2012

One Step Forward and Twenty Seven Steps Back

Welp, I had a nice little victory moment on Friday. Ran 4.5 Hard miles and uped my pace by 24 secs per mile. It was great. I had some mega perma-grin goin on for several hours afterwards.

Then I decended into an epic fail weekend of massive proportions.
Friday Night = Had a huge delicious fatty meal, drank lots of alcohol and stayed up til 5:00 am playing cards with our favorite couple friends and

These are fantastic! Arbor Mist white zinfandel strawberry frozen wine cocktail. There are two full glasses in each one.

The Nertz Championship of the World didn't end until 5:02 AM! We teamed up with each other's spouses. Mr. Purcell and I kicked the sheep dip out of Hubs and Mrs. Kate.  They get an E for inebriated effort though!

Saturday = Watched TV until 3:00, ate like it was going out of style, had an allergy induced asthma attack throughout most of the day and was unable to run. This hasn't happened in a very long time and I no longer have a nebulizer so the best I could do was use my inhaler when it would peak.
Sunday = Could have run but didn't due to sheer laziness, laid in bed or one the couch with Hubs 90% of the day. Only got 2 loads of laundry and a load of dishes done. Lame sauce on a loser bun.

Time to get back on track!
So today I am going to get back to eating like a sane person, do a longer run, and go buy a new nebulizer so I don't have to spend a whole day in the clutches of an asthma attack again any time soon.

Projected Workout for Today:
  1. 5 Miles
  2. 10 Minute Ab Burner
Goals of the Week:
  1. Up my pace by another 15 secs per mile from last week.
  2. Run a minimum of 15 miles.
  3. Run during the weekend.
  4. Purchase a nebulizer.
Anyone else lucky enough to have asthma??

How did you do this weekend on a scale of 1 - Craptastic? 1 being super badass and dedicated.

Raise your hand if you know someone who makes a stellar meatloaf.

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