Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brought to You by the Letter R

It is a fact that Sesame Street is awesome. Otherwise it would not have made it to a 43rd season/year. This is why on FFF today is going to be brought to you by the letter R!

R is for RAIN!
  Here in the Texas Panhandle we have been dealing with some major drought issues...But today God looked down upon us and smout the drought. It has been raining here for HOURS and is supposed to continue ALL-DAY-LONG! If you tried to measure my elation in waffles .... you would have SO many waffles. It would result in a waffle feast of epic proportions.

R is for Rad
   Which is what my Hubs is. Yesterday I was in a righteous funk. Just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and felt blah and grr all f'ing day. It was craptastic. When I got home (to our a/c-less house) he did everything in his power to make me feel happy. He fixed the tv, fed the animals, and told me how great I am. He is just Rad.

R is for Running (Of Course)
   Today I am totally feeling like a good run. I feel motivated, excited, and my body is feeling good. I think I run 4-5 miles depending on my time constraints. I am also looking forward to better runs outside now.  This rain and lower temperature makes me feel like it is finaly going to cool off outside so that I can run outside on a regular basis.

This is the old ass tredmill I run on at work. It doesn't look like much but it is actually fantastic. I like runningon it a whole lot more than mine at home. Don't know exactly why...It's just more comfortable and less bulky.

R is for Relatives & Rolling Rock
   We are cooking out with the fam tonight at my parents house. Me & Hubs, Austin & Darc, Mom & Dad. Best set of six there is. Grillin' food, havin' a good visit, drinking a Rolling Rock, and playin' some Nertz! So pumped. The guys are making Kabobs. Yum.

Austin and Darc

R is for the Little Rascal
   This is a Bud weekend. I pick him up from school Friday at 3:00!! This is my first time to pick him up from school this year. He is in 2nd grade. Last time he was out of school on Friday so I just got him from his Momma's. I am really excited though cause I LOVE picking him up at school and him telling me all about his day and showing me all of his papers from the week. It just gives me the warm fuzzies Every time.

This is Bud at the lake a few weeks ago with the pups. Mona is the Basset and Zoe is the Spaniel.

What part of your day is brought to you by the letter R?

Do you love the way it smells just before it rains?

Aside from recess do you kids tell you much about their school day?

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