Friday, September 21, 2012

Jar O' Salad

Just had a righteous jar o' salad for lunch! It was all the leftover oriental salad we had left from Wednesday and I was more than happy to polish it off. I'm starting to think that this intense obsession with O.S. is never going to wear off...

Jars of salad are where it's at. Especially if that salad is Oriental in nature.

Now on to running! Yesterday I had a great workout. I ran 2 miles at a mid pace and 1.0 incline. Then I jumped off the tredmill and onto a mat for my 10 minute Ab Burner. Then got back on the tredmill for 2 miles at a fast pace goes up and down from a 0 to a 2.0 incline. It was a sweaty nasty FANTASTIC workout. I felt amazing after I finished, was drenched in perspiration, and smelled like sweaty camel balls. It. Was. Glorious.

Right before the gloriousness ensued.

I am hoping my run today goes as well! I am hoping to get in at least 3 miles today but if I am feeling strong and my muscles don't feel to strained from the run yesterday I wouldn't mind going as far as 5 miles. We shall see....

Projected Run for Today
  1. Run - 3-5 Miles Mid Pace
  2. Possibly an Arm Burner
Yesterday's Actual Workout
  1. 2 Mile Run - 1.0 Incline Mid Pace
  2. 10 Minute Ab Burner
  3. 2 Mile Run - Fast Pace 0-2.0 Incline Changes

Can anyone recommend a really good supportive sports bra that can cut down on post run tender tits?!?

What is your favorite salad of all time?? Homemade or from a restaurant??

What is your favorite cold snack??

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