Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday - And a PDR

This morning I weighed in at 169.5. So unfortunately that is a gain from last week of .8 pounds. However, I don't really feel discouraged for two reasons.
1.) I weighed on an unfamiliar scale....that can go screw itself. So, for all I know, it may weigh different than mine does. I am going to weigh again tomorrow morning to see if their is any difference. (Please God let there be a difference.)
2.) I ran just under 15 miles last week, which for me is pretty darn good, with 2 rest days. 
At least I stayed under 170! Silver lining.

Some Stats:
Start Weight: 194
Current Weight: 169.5
Goal Weight: 150
Height: 5'7"

Second big thing - I hit a PDR yesterday and ran just over 5 miles!! JAZZ HANDS!!
The longest I had run up until yesterday was 4.5 miles, which I had done on several occassions.
So yesterday I was feeling good and had a lot of motivation and decided it would be a great day to set a PDR.

During the run I had a few twinges in my back but nothing major and my knees were a little tense but other than that it was a fantastic run. I really think I could have done 6 were it not for me already running 15 minutes late to meet our friends for dinner at their house. These friends are great and don't ever give me shit for tardiness or for smelling like sweat camel nuts. Thanks Purcells. You're the business!

Projected Workout for Today:
  1. 30-45 Minutes Bike
  2. 10 Minutes Arm Burner
  3. 10 Minutes Ab Burner
Anyone want to join in the weigh in Wednesday?? We want to hear about your victory and or weight loss journey!!

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