Monday, September 24, 2012

New Ab Burner & WHHAA?!

I am planning on doing a shorter run today with a new Ab Burner either after or in between miles. Not sure which yet. Here is what I am thinking for my Massive Abs Monday - Ab Burner:

As for this weekend - My Nanny and Sheila came up from Austin for a visit this weekend and wanted to come see our rent house. They have not been able to see it since we moved into it about a year ago. Well, even though we have lived in it for a good while now, we still didn't have everything unpacked, put away, or hung on the walls yet. So when they call Saturday and were like "Hey we are going to come see your house this afternoon!" I was like:

So Mister and I got up and, while calmly freaking the eff out, got the house completely finished and pristine in only 6 hours!! We hung stuff all over the walls, unpacked what needed unpacking, stored what didn't, scrubbed the bathroom, did dishes, scrubbed the kitchen, did laundry, dusted EVERYTHING, made all the beds and turned on the Scentsy's. The only thing we couldn't do was vacuum because ours decided not to power on for some sassy reason.
It was the first time our house has looked emaculate since we moved in. I was SO PSYCHED!!
The fam came out (Nanny, two aunts, two cousins, and little BJ) and were super sweet and complimentary, and brought us awesome house-warming gifts! (that I forgot to photograph! Oops.) I will post a pic of them tomorrow.
It was a fantastic weekend!!

Projected Workout for Today:
  1. Run - 3 Miles Quick Pace
  2. Massive Abs Monday - Ab Burner
If you try the Ab Burner let me know what you think.

How long were you in your current residence before you were finished moving in?

Is it just me or do you always have to panic clean when people are coming over?? Or are you one of those super women who always have a clean home?

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