Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Gma Kicks Tush

Here is just one platefulla reason why my Gmas kicks tush.

Everything but the grapes is from our local farmers market. Those were the best green beans I have EVER had. Way to Gma!! It was frackin deliciousness.
There were also ribs involved but I didn't partake in those because I thought they would weigh heavy when I run later with Austin. And you definitely don't want to be sluggish when running with him.  He already has to slow up to snails pace to run with me.

Here he is enjoying his yellow watermelon and talking to Gma.

Ha! He was somewhat annoyed real excited to hear that I was posting this!
Thanks for being a good sport bub.

Anyway just a pointless post about my lunch with my brother and Gma at Gma's house.

Any other big kids out there eat lunch at their Gramma's house a few days a week??

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