Friday, September 14, 2012

Fist Pumpin' Good

Yesterday after work I went on a run with my brother for the second time.  This time it didn't suck! To the contrary it was actually fan-fuckin-tastic!! I am still pumped from that run 15 hours later! Fist Pumpin' Pumped!!

The first time I went on a run with my brother...well, the word aweful  doesn't seem to cover it. We ran 4 miles at my slow ass pace and I started the death run at mile 2 and barely made it to mile 4. It was a running shitpocolypse. Not only was it my first outside run (in 90+ heat), but it was also my first time to run with my big brother, who is my running role model. I was hot, it was hilly, and I was tense and nervous to be running with him.

So after that first horrible run I decided that I had to redeem myself.  I started lengthening all my runs and speeding up my mile time by 15 seconds per week. I would not let myself look like a whiny weakling in front of my brother again.

Then yesterday he asked me to run 4 miles with him after work. I instantly accepted.
I knew that this time I was way better prepared and luck was on my side because a cold front had come in and it was cool outside for the first time since May.

We set out at my Gmas house and ran south through town going up hill most of the way with the wind at our backs. We headed back down and stopped at Gmas at mile 2 so bub could pee and I got a quick drink then we headed back out going north through town this time which put us downhill for about 1 mile. Our last mile was probably 80% uphill. Didn't even phase me!! We hit 4miles about .2 miles from Gmas and I told him to keep running cause I was still feeling great. So we upped the pace and really ran it out for that short distance.

When we got done I was so damn pumped I could have slapped someone!! But I didn't because slapping your Gma is frowned upon.

So instead I did my customary happy dance where Austin wouldn't see me and then ran up beside him to high five it out!! Woot!

Seriously yesterday was epic for me. I asked Austin about our pace and found out that I had brought my snails pace up by another 15 seconds per mile. Color me Stoked!

Anyway, yesterday was great and now I get to go get my little man for the weekend. Life is good.

Who is your running role model?

Anyone else at a snails pace?

Do you prefer running inside or outside?

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