Friday, August 31, 2012


So, yesterday's projected workout was 3-4 miles and some core work.
However, instead of just going with the plan I listed to what my body was telling me.
After 3 miles I still felt great so I kept going. After 4 still felt good so why not go some more...I made it to 4.5 miles (my personal best) before I stopped.  4.5 MILES! WOOT!

I was (and am) so super jazzed!
Happy dance? Check. Party Boying the Tredmill? Check. Call the hubs to tell him of my accomplishment? Double check.

I actually think I could have even run for another half mile.  I had to stop though because I was already running 20 minutes late meeting hubs and my family for the college football kickoff at 6:00.

I think I may still be glowing from my Thursday victory run. I am so pumped and proud that I have come this far.  I have now lost 23 pounds and am able to run 4.5 miles and in May I could barely run for 5 minutes without having to stop and walk. Just...awesome.

Today I am going to pick up Bud from his mom's for our weekend.  So, depending on what time I get back, here is the projected workout for today:
  1. 30 Minutes - Cardio/Core Circuit
Please feel free to share one of your recent victories so that we can all bask in each other's victory glows!

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