Monday, August 27, 2012

Vacation Done - Running On...

First of all, FANTASMIC vacation!! Had a great time with some of the most amazing people and got some very indulging down time.

Now, lets look at my very fun yet epic fail of a weekend.

1. Weighed in before departure at 171.6 lbs. Drove 12.5 hours to the Steelman's lake house in Mississippi. Packed smart snacks but undid all that by eating at Long John Silver's and Krystal's for meals. I must say though if you are going to go bad Krystal Burgers are definitely the way to go.  I get to eat them about once a year when I go to Mississippi and they are effing fabtastically delicious! Yum.

2. Got to the lake house at about 9:30 pm. Hubs and I were showered with gifts of flip flops, shades, MSU cups, and love. Gave lots of hugs and drank beers. Lots of beers. You can't get all caught up with your bestie and not have any beer involved. That would be rediculous.

3. Got up 8:30am ate breakfast, drank coffee. 12:00ish got ready and went to hang out on the pontoon . . . makin waves and catchin rays up on the roof (if that is lost on you download the song ASAP because you are missin out). Swam and floated in the water in excess of 4 hours. Burned some good calories . . . until I went mad crazy on the cheetos, pita chips, and hummus.

This is where we decided to float . . . and float we did.

4. Went back to the lake house. Ate a big steak dinner and drank diet cokes.

5. Next morning. Up at 8:00am did I run . . . no.  I ate a meal of breakfast cheetos and coffee.

6. Went to see the site of the battle of Shiloh. It was amazing. A historical mind blowing.

This is my bestie at the US National Cemetery at Shiloh.
7. My Sister and her man came for the day and we went back to the lake for MORE floating and swimming . . . . and drinking. It was an ass kickin' good time.

Me and my Keister

My sisters lifemate . . . he's special.

My sexy hubs drivin' the pontoon like a champ.

8. Back to the lake house. Pizza. Cream cheese sausage dip. More beer.

9. Got up 7:00am chicken salad sandwich for breakfast. I know.

10. Got packed, showered, helped tidy up.  Gave bestie a few hugs. Tears. Gave keister and Sam hugs. Tears.

11. Got in the car. More tears. Drove 12.5 hours back to Texas.

12. Awesome. Awesome. Weekend.

13. Weighed in Sunday morning at 173.6. No surprise there. Eat and drink like a mad woman = fatty-fatty-no-friends.  Please Lord give me the strength to make it through today's run without completely pussing out.

Projected exercise for Monday:
  1. Run 2.5 Miles - Easy Pace

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