Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seriously Healthy vs. Serious Heifer

Why is it that on the days I don't workout I eat like a total heffer?! (for non-Texans that is a lady cow)
Is it just me or does food taste better when you aren't going to burn it off later?

For the past 3 days I have rested due to some intense shin splints suffered during my previous two runs. All three rest days have been 1,800+ calorie days? What the shiz?!

I am really going to have to start practicing some self control on my rest days instead of considering them binge days and going completely ape on any and all food within my reach. Not Good.

Today I am getting back to my regular running schedule.  I am starting a new 10K training schedule since I finished the 5K Novice Plan. My longest run so far is 4 miles, which I did at the slugs pace of about 12 minute miles. Lame sauce time? Maybe. Ashamed? HELL NO! I ran 4 bleepin miles! I even had enough energy left to party boy the tredmill. Eat that couch potatoes!!!

So, now that I have done my 5K plan, the new goal is to run a 10K which is 6.2 miles. I am very pumped about the prospect of running over 6 miles. I NEVER thought that would happen. Ever. But here I am excited about not just running but runner farther. Squirrel Poop.

So on the menu today:
  1. 3 Mile Run - Easy Pace: 35-38 minutes
  2. Arms - Low Weight, High Reps: 15-20 minutes
  3. 2-3 Liters of Water (throughout the day)
  4. Don't eat like a damn heffer!
Will report back on what actually happens.

What actually went down:
  1. Ran 2 miles - Easy Pace
  2. Went to the Purcell's and ate some deliciously unhealhty food.
  3. Shit...

Does anyone else have the same problem of eating bad on rest days??

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