Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yesterday's Run = Epic Fail. Will Do Better!

So...I did not do my run yesterday.  I went to the PT room but they were still working.  I came back later and, to their credit, they were still working. I decided to go home and take the chicken out of the freezer to dethaw and I would run while that was happening.  To my husband's credit he decided to start running yesterday. Thus, no tredmill action for me.

Here is why I didn't run outside...We live 30 miles away from the nearest hospital on a crazy-oilfield-truck-driver-infested dirt road.  So I am too scared to run on our road for fear of getting made into a Henderson pancake and being 30 minutes away from the nearest EMTs.

If I would have foreseen that my husband would start his journey into the world of running yesterday I would have just sucked it up and ran in town in the 104 degree heat... but I didn't. BTW the ass hasn't run in at least a year and he ran for 45 minutes straight at a 10:00 pace. Guys suck major sac sometimes.  Thank God he is gorgeous, funny, and able to put up with my weirdness or I'd give him a swift kick to the pills.

Small Tangent.

Anyway here I am, lazy and hefferier than yesterday, determined to run 3 miles today if it KILLS me!

Projected Exercise for Today:
  1. Run at least 3 miles - Easy Pace
Mantra for today: I will do better damn it.

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