Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Weigh in Wednesdays??

So, I think I need to make a few "day of the week" topics to hold myself more accountable to posting than I currently do . . . which is not at all. Therefore, I have decided to dub this day of the week "Weigh in Wednesday."

From now on every Wednesday I will post my weight and possibly a picture so that you can see any progress or lack-there-of that is taking place in my weight loss journey.

I am betting that you are assuming that I have decided to do this today because I had a loss over the past week. Well you know what they say about assuming . . . you are an ass. But you are a CORRECT ass today because that is exactly why I have decided to this today!

Weight as of 6:00am today:  171.4 pounds!

This is a 22.6 pound total loss for me since I started in April. Did I do a happy dance? Hell yes I did!! I also gave myself a few fist pumps and boo-yahs as well.

Why I am I so excited about this definitely-not-thin-still-has-a-long-way-to-go weight? I will tell you!
It is for a few reasons:
1. I weighed last week and had gone back up from 172 to 175! WHAT?!?! You mean you can't drink beer all weekend and eat whatever you want while not running and not gain weight? Who the hell made these rules? Whoever it was they can eat my shorts!
2. I have been experiencing really bad shin splints over my last few runs so I decided I better take a few days off to heal up and give my legs a break. So, when I weighed this morning I was worried that after two days off I would have gained rather than lost. BUT NO!
3. I have been trying to break into the 160's for almost a month now and have had no luck. I am hoping this is not a long term plateau and that I will be able to push through soon. The 171.4 has set me pretty close to the line. I am hoping that if I am careful to eat healthy and get back to running again today that I will finally be able to break through to the 160's for the first time in 5 years!! Please please please let me have unfaltering dedication!!

Well there is my first Weigh in Wednesday. Please feel free to join me and post your Wednesday Weigh ins below if you like.

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