Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Exercise Routine in a Nutshell

About 5 weeks ago I started exercising regularly. Well, I guess I should say that I worked up to "regularly".  When I first started I used Tony Horton's Ten Minute Trainer, which is great by the way, and made it for about two weeks.  Then I did nothing for two weeks.  Then i did it for another two and slacked for another two. During these two months of on and off workouts I lost only 6 pounds.


I was eating right but not staying dedicated to my exercising. So, one day, I found an amazingly do-able running guide.  It was the "8 Week Beginners Running Program" from Runners World magazine, which is a magazine my brother subscribes to.  It's fantastic.   Now believe me, I was the lamest of the lame when it came to running when I first started.  I don't even think the word "novice" quite covered the extent of my running rookie-ism. Som, don't believe those voices in your head saying "Running is out of the question," and "There is no way I can do this," because it can be done. No matter what condition you are in, it can be done if you just start moving.

So, here is was, 180+ pounds starting a running program. Climbing onto that tredmill I felt what I imagine Indiana Jones felt in that pit of snakes, scared and reluctant to move. But I knew that if I could just start somewhere and go at a pace I was comfortable with - slow - the rewards would be well worth the suckitude of working out.

So I ran. I ran exactly how the training guide said for 5 weeks.  Then I told myself "You know that you could go ahead and run 30 minutes.  You are just being a lazy ass."  So I got on the tredmill on day 36 and ran for 37 minutes without stopping.  I felt the way that Chuck Norris must feel on a daily basis, BAD ASS! On a scale of 1-Awesome I was STUPENDOUS!

37 minutes to many people is nothing to write home about, but to me it was the climbing of Mount Everest. I had had to work my ass off to get there and no matter what anyone thought I was proud of myself. Very Proud. Then this Tuesday, July 16th, I ran 4 miles. I don't think, in my 26 years, I have EVER run 4 miles. I was giddy! I jumped off the tredmill and did a well deserved happy dance. I dipped into my gusto reserves and gave that happy dance all that I could possibly give it. It was fantasmic.

Now, I don't want you to think that I never slipped during my 6 weeks of awesomness.  I did.  I would cheat with my eating on weekends, on walking days I would skip all together, and on some running days I'd say screw it.  However, the longest I went without a workout was 2 days.  I always made myself get back on the horse.  One of the best ways I found to combat the lazies was to weigh every Wednesday.  Its a day in the middle of the week, which gave me a couple days to undo what I had done on the weekend and see how much I had lost.  Knowing that I had gone down 1, 2 or sometimes 3 pounds was enough to keep me going.  Not only going but going harder.  Losing weight and gaining stamina just made me more motivated to run longer and eat better so that I could keep seeing those positive results.

In addition to weighing, I have also been keeping my measurments on this chart:

Body Measurement Chart

I keep my Training Program Chart, Measurement Chart, and Food Diary Sheets in a 1" Binder so that I can keep up with everything no matter where I go. I helps keep me honest . . . most of the time anyway.

Meal & Exercise Diary

Starting is the hardest part. But once you start and begin to see the results of your hard work, it is a lot easier to get motivated to get your ass moving. Just start. It is so worth it.

Thoughts? By the way if you want any of the charts/sheets and can't print them like this.  Just let me know and I will figure out how to make them printable for you ASAP.

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